Nana Boatemaah Hansen

C. E. O and founder of Patapinnacles

CEO Profile

Nana Boatemaah Hansen is the C. E. O and founder of Patapinnacles and the current Communications and Development Associate at GEIG (Girls Education Initiative of Ghana)

She is a leadership and communication expert coach, public speaker and trainer. She seeks to shape the mindsets of leaders and help them identify their purpose in life and values they need to build in reaching their desired and empower individuals with the skillsets, toolsets and mindsets for a great public speaking life.

She is the founder of Patapinnacles, a human capital development and event management/planning services company which she desires to build into a full management consultancy in the future which seeks to enlighten entrepreneurs through capacity building and efficient ways of managing their businesses.

She is also the current communications and development associate at Girls Education Initiative of Ghana – GEIG and a member of Zonta International e-club west africa.

Daniel Badu Werekoh

Executive Director

    Sampson Duodu

    Executive Manager

      WHO WE ARE?

      PATA PINNACLES focuses primarily on weddings, celebrations and lifestyle, and is published exclusively for the elite affluent consumer taking into consideration of course those that seek it.

      It provides information covering the best of the whole spectrum of luxury events lifestyle. These include but are not limited to exquisite event planning ideas, fashion and beauty, jewelry, technology and more.

      Our utmost priority is to utilize everything at our disposal to provide you with that memorable and outstanding event wherever your location. Passion and dedication spearheads our desire to afford our customers with top notch logistics and management solutions for your entire event needs.

      Patapinnacles offers perfection and professional service with your events for, individuals, companies and also private homes. From planning to planting customer friendly reliable and inexpensive. We combine event design and planning to give you a stress free experience.

      Delivering a personalized experience for each of our clients is our hallmark. We carefully spend time to understand our clients’ needs which ensures we deliver that leave a lasting impression.

      Your dedicated coordinator will work with you on every detail from the ceremony to the reception, tailoring the event to suit your taste and preference. With our years of experience we create unforgettable events to deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism.

      Vision: To deliver a personalized experience to our clients.

      Misson: To offer perfection. Patapinnacles is evolving the process of events planning by connecting goods and service providers to clients through a ground-breaking easy and reliable solution. The first of it’s kind. It’s Fun, Fast and Reliable on the go!

      Aim: To offer an unforgettable experience with us.

      Our Values

      Integrity: We believe that to accomplish our vision of being the leading marketing and digital solutions company, we have to establish relationships with our customers, suppliers, investors, and partners on the highest level of trust and integrity. We do not sell or expose our customer’s information to third parties.

      Customer care: We believe that to build brand loyalty and to attain a high level of customer retention, we must hold our customers in high esteem. We would provide timely support to our customers and we would also respond to all contact channels with the promptness and urgency needed.

      Innovation: We would continually strive to stay ahead of the competition by innovating and committing ourselves to research and development to ensure that our customers have the best user experience.

      Corporate Social Responsibility

      With Patapinnacles, start-up vendors, established vendors and couples (event holders) all benefit. This is a win-win situation for everyone, whilst helping create employment opportunities for all.



      This is both Hebrew and Greek word Which means father, source and sustainer/provider and it therefore describes that The PATA being the father, source, sustainer and creator of events and accessories supplies, retailing and rentals, a day’s coordination and diverse managements as this name (PATA) means, denotes and implies. We are your best and reliable creators, planners and sustainers of your events and absolute provider, with superb amazingly unfathomable initiatives you can forever count on. We don’t only apply for your memorable events but we are obliged selflessly with all joy to provide you excellent with all tools suitably needed in set times. We believe that we are more boundlessly unleashed for creating your events wonderfully. Hence our motto… creating your diamond world.


      A lofty peak- the highest level of degree attainable, the highest stage of development –therefore we plan your events to the highest attainable point , bringing your joy and dreams into your highest point of reality and making provisions accordingly,redefining event planning ,management and coordination in a lofty way, making your dream fulfilled and alive in a sparkling way without regret . Consequently repositioning your thoughts and opinions about event planning and joyous occasion into CREATING YOUR DIAMOND WORLD as we aim at excellence and distinction globally. Our unique way as stated and defined depicts our epitome and natural way of ability and reliable source rendering PATA PINNACLES – CREATING YOUR DIAMOND WORLD.

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